Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry may seem like advanced technology, but dentists have long been enjoying its benefits. From gum disease treatment to laser root canal therapy, dental lasers have definitely found a home in the dentist's office.
A dental laser isn't as scary as you might imagine. It's actually a fairly compact device that generates a precise beam of concentrated light energy via a very narrow fiber optic cord. When the light beam enters the targeted tissue, it "cuts" it away, essentially vaporizing it while leaving the surrounding area intact. The beam also sterilizes the area and coagulates blood vessels, which minimizes infection and bleeding. All this without the annoying sound of a drill or the pain of an incision!



Soft Tissue Care - Diode lasers are used to prevent gum disease from occurring in the first place. Diode lasers can remove tooth decay on the surface of a tooth's root by removing the gum covering it up. The diode laser helps decontaminate deep gingival pockets that harbor the bacteria that can cause gum disease. And because the diode laser beam kills bacteria, it is also often used to sterilize areas of the mouth before or during treatment for cavities or a root canal.